Sunday, 6 March 2011

Procrastination - friend or foe?

To procrastinate is to delay needlessly,
At least, that's the definition given by thefreedictionary.

Procrastination - friend or foe?
When you're feeling low,
Procrastinating the work for tomorrow
would be a good idea, no?

What about showering before you go to work,
Would procrastinating be your chance to leave the boss impressed,
Or the reason for the boss to say "You're a mess!"
In this case, procrastination - a friend? Give it a rest.

Procrastination - friend or foe?
I don't really know.
Or maybe, I just need to accept the truth,
and say NO, procrastination - you are a foe!


  1. Great blog and posts. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I am following your blog now. Have a great week!


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