About me

Let me tell you a story, in the form of a dream.
I don't know why I have to tell it but I know what it'll mean.
Close your eyes, just picture the scene, as I paint it for you.
It was 30th  Dec 1992, when this girl was given birth to.
She was very small, yet very intelligent, hence her name, Nabihah.
You see, by the moment she was born, she knew how to cry whenever she was hungry
and whenever she felt discomfort from her diaper.
She also uses her tears as a way of getting attention.
Trust me, she is a clever kid!
Well, she used to be clever, for a baby! ;)
Currently a Year 13 student in the UK, she is working hard to ace her exams.
She misses her home country, Malaysia, so dearly (not really ;P).
But, as she tells herself every now and then,
"Tears will not bring you anywhere, might as well do some work to get yourself there


PS: This isn't her, this is her sister :)